Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning in Liverpool is Affordable and Eco Friendly.

Have You Ever Wondered How A Liverpool Carpet Cleaning Company Gets Your Carpets So Clean?

We are very proud to say that this Liverpool carpet cleaning company is the leader when it comes to eco-friendly carpet cleaning in Liverpool, Merseyside and Wirral. There is no type of carpet or rug we won’t tackle. Whether it’s old or brand new, thick or thin, big or small – we’re confident you will love the results we give!

Choosing to be ‘green’ and taking active steps towards making our World a better place was once seen as being ‘alternative’. Using organic products isn’t just for the wealthy, with this Liverpool carpet cleaning company anyone can do it! Using non-toxic materials to clean your carpet at rock bottom prices we can guarantee the health and safety of your family.

Now that the benefits of using organic products for carpet cleaning in Liverpool are known, eco-friendly products are bought more than traditional types. Eco-steam cleaning is now one of the most popular ways of carpet cleaning and it happens to be our speciality! We scoured the globe and managed to source the safest and the best cleaning products around. Our orange extract was found it sunny southern Spain and it smells fantastic! If you want a carpet cleaner in Liverpool that can safely and effectively clean your carpet using 100% natural products then we’re your guys!

What Happens Once We Clean Your Carpet?

We didn’t make all that effort to be eco-friendly just dump all the waste products on you after we’ve cleaned your carpet! We take responsibility of our waste water and pump it out through our pies so it doesn’t have to go through your water system. Given that all our carpet cleaning products are 100% natural they are also 100% biodegradable. Unlike other carpet cleaning companies, whose chemicals take years and years to biodegrade, ours will not affect the environment at all.

Don’t be fooled by claims made by any Liverpool carpet cleaning company who says they use safe chemicals. When it comes to carpet cleaning there are no safe chemicals. If it’s not natural then it’s not eco-friendly! Many carpet cleaners in Liverpool use non-ionic surfactants which come from, or are made with ethylene oxide which is exactly what it sounds like, a chemical. Although these products are biodegradable they take years to vanish from our waterways, especially in the more anaerobic (water with a low level of dissolved oxygen) parts. This means that they do have an adverse effect on our environment.

This Liverpool carpet cleaning company can promise that all our products are 100% safe and contain only natural fruit extracts. When booking us you won’t need to worry that your carpet will be seeping with toxic chemicals. You can safely let you baby crawl on it, let your cat lounge around on it and just enjoy the fresh fruity smell.

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The Liverpool Carpet Cleaning Process

Now that you know a little background on our natural products and our promise to use only eco-friendly carpet cleaning techniques you might want to know about the whole Liverpool carpet cleaning process. Here goes…

Step 1: Preparation.

Any good Liverpool carpet cleaning company will take time to prepare before they clean your carpet. It doesn’t matter if your carpet is 100 years old or fresh off the roll, you can count on us to know the right way to clean it.

Step 2: Inspecting your carpet before the big clean.

As a professional Liverpool carpet cleaning company we will always carry out a survey of your carpet before we steam clean it. We will make notes of any marks or damage that might be permanent or hinder the carpet cleaning process.

Step 3: 8000 Watt Power Vacuuming

So you get the most out of your professional steam cleaning service we will first power vacuum your carpet. Our 8000 watt vacuum will rid your carpet of all soil and debris. Those who suffer with allergies benefit from this part of the Liverpool carpet cleaning process most because our super strong vacuum removes 99% of dust particles lurking in your carpet.

Step 4: Colour Fastness Testing.

Only a very very small number of colours will run during the Liverpool steam cleaning process. Even though we’ve only seen this once in the last decade we will always perform a colour fastness test on your carpet before we begin steaming.

Step 5: Carpet Pre-conditioning and soil suspension.

This sounds really high tech but once again it all comes down to our organic products and 17 years experience as a Liverpool carpet cleaning company. We will apply our effective yet gentle cleaning agent to your carpet and let it work wonders! Our 100% natural fruit extracts will emulsify any soil and grime in your carpet making it easier to lift stains. Soon after we will use our professional Sabo agitator to loosen the emulsified dirt. Although our Sabo agitator is powerful you can rest assured that we only use it with the softest brushes suitable for the most delicate fabrics.

Step 6: Cleaning Your Carpet.

Using the most modern truck mounted system available today, we will begin to clean your carpet. As Liverpool carpet cleaning professionals we are aware that when it comes to carpet cleaning, it’s not a one size fits all situation. We will make sure that your carpet is cleaned at exactly the correct temperature. Different fabrics can withstand different temperatures and with our steam cleaners reaching up to 280 °F and killing 99% of those pesky dust mites, you can bet we are the right Liverpool carpet cleaning company to clean your carpet!

Step 7: Stain Removal and Stubborn Spots.

Once we have finished steam cleaning your carpet we will look for any stubborn stains that are left behind. We will treat them with our effective stain fighting natural extracts and repeat the steam clean. Remember 99% of all stains are removable if you let us get our hands on them soon after they’ve happened.

Step 8: The Post Clean Groom.

No we’re not talking about a dog parlour here we are talking about making your carpet look great. After a good, deep steam clean by our Liverpool carpet cleaning professionals we will use special brushes to make sure that all the fibers of your carpet are standing up and in the right direction.

Step 9: Speed Drying.

Don’t be put off calling a carpet cleaner in Liverpool because you think you will be left with a wet and soggy carpet. With us that’s not the case at all. At not extra change this Liverpool carpet cleaning company will use state of the art air-movers designed to dry your carpet in only one hour!

Stage 10: Final Inspection.

We will take one more look over your carpet, just to double check. We know you’ll be over the moon with what you see and we just love to see the smiles on the faces of our customers! It’s all in a days work for Liverpool’s best carpet cleaning company!

Want Stain Free Carpets The DIY Way? Then This Liverpool Carpet Company Has Got Some Tips For You!

Whether you know little or loads about carpet cleaning you will probably know that acting fast is best when it comes to stains. The longer that you leave that spilt coffee there the harder it will be to remove. As soon as something spills you need to spring into action. Using a white cloth (a patterned one is fine as long as it’s colourfast) or some kitchen roll absorb as much of the liquid as you can. Once you think you’ve absorbed what you can it’s time to wet and blot. Using a damp sponge and a pressing/blotting motion to help draw out the stain. Remember don’t use hot water on a stain as you risk helping it set into your carpet and don’t rub the stain as you will force it into the materials fibres. Repeat the blotting process and if you think you need some extra help then you need to call a carpet cleaner in Liverpool.

A Liverpool Carpet Cleaning Company To The Rescue!

The blotting process probably won’t be able to save your carpet from staining but it is always worth a try. Call us and in the mean time place a clear or unpatterned white plastic bag over the stain. This will slow down the drying process which makes a spill a full blown stain and it gives us a little extra time to get to you! We will do everything in our power to get to you immediately and get rid of that nasty stain.