Upholstery Cleaning

Liverpool Upholstery Cleaning.

Liverpool upholstery cleaning means that there is no need to buy a new sofa or suite. Why would you throw away a perfectly good and much loved couch just because it’s gotten a little grubby? Although you might think that finding a cleaner of upholstery in Liverpool would be hard you’ve just stumbled upon the best one around!

More and more people are turning to the idea of upholstery cleaning and are delighted with the results we give. We specialise in fabric and furniture restoration and have cleaned thousands of sofas over the years. If you want a new looking sofa without actually buying one then upholstery cleaning is for you. We can work with any kind of fabric and leather plus we can save you a lot of money, so why not give us a try?

We use an eco-friendly steam cleaning process when we are out on a Liverpool upholstery cleaning job. Steam the best way to clean upholstery and leather sofas because it is very effective yet gentle at the same time. After all, it is essentially water. Our steam extraction system is the safest and most hygienic way to remove everyday dirt and grime from your sofa and leave it looking shiny new.

Expert Cleaners Of Upholstery In Liverpool.

As Liverpool Upholstery cleaning experts we use state of the art equipment. The steam cleaner that we use has a 3000 psi steam generator which we have mounted in our van. This powerful machine gives us all we need to turn a grubby looking sofa into one to be proud of. We use all our years of experience as cleaners of upholstery in Liverpool and only use only steam in our upholstery cleaning process. Other Liverpool upholstery cleaning companies use an outdated extraction method that involves soaking your sofa with hot or cold water. Would you like seeing someone empty a bucket of water on your sofa? No! Other than being totally the wrong way to go about upholstery cleaning it can do damage too. Shrinking and stretching to name just a few!

Speaking of a soaking wet sofa with this Liverpool upholstery company you don’t need to worry about that. We will make sure that you sofa is dried, free of charge by using our powerful upholstery dryers. Yes, in just one hour you will be able to snuggle up on a completely clean and dry sofa.

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  The Liverpool upholstery Cleaning Process.

Step 1: Preparation.

Liverpool upholstery cleaning starts with preparation, preparation, preparation. We know that you love your sofa and probably put a lot of time into choosing it for your home. As expert cleaners of upholstery in Liverpool we vow to treat your sofa with care and respect. We’ve got experience with all kinds of fabrics so we will know we’ll to get yours looking new.

Step 2: The Inspection Before Upholstery Cleaning.

Prior to the big clean any cleaner of upholstery in Liverpool worth their salt will do an inspection. It’s important to make note of any rips or damage plus any stains that are likely to be permanent.

Step 3: 8000 watt power vacuuming.

Removing 99% of dust particles and all soil and debris, Liverpool upholstery cleaning would be nothing without our super powered vacuum cleaner!

Step 4: Colourfast Testing.

We are a professional Liverpool upholstery cleaning company so we will always do a colour fastness test before we start with the steam cleaner. Although steam is the safest way to clean upholstery, on the very rare occasion upholstery can run. Like we said this is very rare so don’t let this put you off using a cleaner of upholstery in Liverpool.

Step 5: Upholstery Preconditioning And Soil Suspension.

This step in the Liverpool upholstery cleaning process is really important. We apply our eco-friendly cleaning agent to the upholstery which emulsifies the soil making it easier to lift during the steam clean. Don’t worry we know that the term ‘cleaning agent’ sounds like some sort of chemical filled concoction but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Ours is a 100% natural fruit extract and it smells beautiful! After this we use a professional agitator to loosen the soil. The agitator is fitted with soft brushes so this causes no damage to your upholstery.

Step 6: The Liverpool Upholstery Steam Clean.

We use our powerful truck mounted steam cleaner making sure that we use the correct temperature for your upholstery. Our steam cleaners can reach temperatures of 280 °F and kill 99% of dust mites so you are guaranteed a thorough clean with this Liverpool upholstery cleaning company!

Step 7: Stubborn spots and stain removal

If there are still any stains we won’t ignore them. We’ll treat them with our organic stain fighting products and repeat the steam clean process. 99% of all stains are removeable if we get to them quick enough!

Step 8: Post Cleaning.

Our specially made upholstery brushes will make sure that all the fibres of your sofas material are laying in the same direction.

Step 9: Speed Drying.

This cleaner of upholster in Liverpool knows that you don’t want a soggy bottom! At no extra charge we’ll use our amazing speed dryer and have your sofa dry just an hour after we’ve cleaned it!

Step 10: The Final Inspection.

We won’t leave until we give your sofa a once over. Liverpool upholstery cleaning is a pretty in-depth job so attention to detail is important. Once we are happy that we’ve done the best job possible and once we see the smile on your face we’ll be on our way!

If you’ve got any questions or want to book the best Liverpool upholstery company then call us on 07549 422 549 or 0151 384 5700 today.