Commercial Cleaning

Working with Pubs, Night Clubs, Office Blocks and many more..

Hire The Best Liverpool Commercial Cleaning Company.

As Liverpool commercial cleaning company we have got over 17 years experience in the field. Steam cleaning is our speciality and we feel at home in both domestic and commercial settings. Unlike a run of the mill Liverpool commercial cleaning company we use eco-friendly cleaning products. Not only does this help preserve our environment but it also keeps the carpets in your pub, club, restaurant, cinema and any other commercial premises that you might run, completely chemical and toxin free!

We are the only Liverpool commercial carpet cleaning company in the whole of Merseyside trained to assessor level 2 by the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICS). The reward for taking our training so seriously is we are up to date with all the latest developments in knowledge and technology. We’re the best Liverpool Commercial cleaning company when it comes to modern equipment and health and safety.

Find A Responsible Commercial Cleaner In Liverpool.

We believe that a commercial cleaner in Liverpool should practise safe steam cleaning, that’s why our powerful 3000 psi steam generator is mounted in our van. Our Rovovac cleaning wands and our Rotovac 360i are enough to clean even the dirtiest of surfaces, no matter what they’re made of. If you need a floor cleaning you can bet this Liverpool commercial cleaning company can do it!

Our super technology doesn’t stop at our steam cleaning equipment. We will use our speed dryers free of charge and make sure that the surfaces we’ve cleaned are dry just one hour after we’ve cleaned them. You won’t need to worry about slippy floors and soggy carpets with us. Before you know it they’ll be dry and it will be business as usual for you.

A Liverpool Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company That Can Reach Great Heights!

As well as working with all kinds of fabrics we can work in any kind of setting. Our truck mounted system has no problems reaching higher floors of buildings. Your office cleaner is off sick and you’re on the 7th floor? No problem! Our pipes and Rotovac wands are all we need to bring into the building. We are literally the most flexible Liverpool commercial cleaning company with 250 feet of professional hosing that can be stretched in any direction we please.

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Find A Liverpool Commercial Carpet Cleaner That Care About Health.

Many other commercial cleaners in Liverpool and companies that offer office cleaning services use harsh, toxic chemicals. We’re proud to say that this Liverpool commercial cleaning company uses only steam and 100% natural products made from fruit extracts. If you care about the health of others as we do then you simply have to hire an office cleaner who uses organic materials.

Cinemas And Theatres

As a Liverpool commercial cleaning company we have professionally cleaned hundreds of cinemas and theatres over the years. Handheld vacuums just won’t cut it in places like this because when the lights go out people make a mess! Knocked over fizzy drinks are a sticky mess and greasy crisps and popcorn all need the steam clean treatment.


Whether you’ve got a gigantic hotel or a ten room B&B we can get it looking like the Ritz! Our steam clean system can kill 99% of dust mites living in fabric and mattresses so any of your guests who suffer with allergies are sure to have a good stay.


Much to the relief of the people of Liverpool we can say that we’ve deep cleaned many a restaurant. We can clean upholstery, carpets and all furnishings to make sure that your customers don’t get put off their meals.

Pubs And Clubs

One way to put a customer off is if you’ve got grubby floors and seats in your pub or club. Nobody wants their feet to literally stick to the ground beneath them and as the best Liverpool commercial cleaning company around we can help you keep on top of all those drunken spills!

Care Homes And Hostels

When Hostels and homes in Liverpool need to find a Liverpool cleaner that often come to us. Right now we maintain lots of homes and hostels in Liverpool, Merseyside and Wirral and though using our own water and electricity we are their best choice. We can safely and hygienically steam clean carpets, mattresses and any type of upholstery. Also, our friendly commercial cleaning team are fully trained to carry out body fluid cleans and are available 24/7.

Estate Agents And Private Landlords

We are a first choice for many estate agents and landlords across Liverpool and the whole of Merseyside. They see us a Liverpool commercial cleaning company that can get the job done at an unbeatable price!

We also offer our commercial cleaning services to lots of other types of businesses and public places. From hospitals, schools and libraries to police stations and fire stations, we can clean them all!